Seismic imaging is a cornerstone of modern Earth science, providing images of the subsurface that are used to constrain geological, geochemical and geodynamic theories for the origin and evolution of the planet. The Rice seismology group works on imaging and interpreting heterogeneities in Earth’s interior at various scales. We focus on imaging the fine seismic structures near the surface (sedimentary basins, plate boundary zones, mountain belts, continental margins, volcanoes) and the Earth’s deep interior (lithosphere, mantle transition zone, core-mantle boundary, and the core). Rice seismologists have active and passive seismic studies currently ongoing in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Global Seismology

Niu, Levander

Active source seismology

Levander, Zelt, Niu

Lithosphere and crustal seismic structure

Levander, Niu, Zelt

Computational and Mathematical Seismology

Levander, Zelt, Niu, Symes (CAAM), de Hoop (CAAM)

Exploration and Environmental Geophysics

Zelt, Levander, Niu

Earthquake Physics and Faulting

French, Niu, Levander, Morgan, Lee

Physical and Chemical Properties of Sediments, Rocks, and Fault-related rocks

French, Morgan, Lee