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Rice Department of Earth Science | R.U.G.S. Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society R.U.G.S. Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society – Rice Department of Earth Science

Welcome to the Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society webpage. We are a group that provides earth science majors with fun experiences, educational opportunities, and awesome connections. Look here for upcoming events, photos, and information about the club.

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It’s that time of year!

Officer elections will be held online from March 28th to April 4th.

The positions are

  • President
  • (Co-) Vice President(s)
  • Treasurer
  • Social
  • Web Manager

If you are interested in running, please send an election blurb to Jackie Rios at jsr4@rice.edu by Monday March 27th. No prior experience is necessary, and all ESCI (or prospective ESCI) undergrads are eligible. If you have any questions or want to know more about the positions, please contact our current officers.

  • President: Jackie Rios (jsr4@rice.edu)
  • Vice President: Leila Wehab (lmw8@rice.edu) and Savannah Ezelle (sle2@rice.edu)
  • Treasurer: Audrey Oduwor (aao3@rice.edu)
  • Social: Alex Holmes (akh3@rice.edu) (Jackie Rios can also answer questions.)
  • Web Manager: Sarah Gerenday (spg3@rice.edu)