Julia K. Morgan

Professor of Earth Science

portrait of Dr. Julia K. Morgan
  • A.B. Geology, (1987) Vassar College
  • Ph.D. Geological Sciences, (1993) Cornell University
  • Structural Geology, Marine Geology, Neotectonics, and Particle Dynamics Modeling

E-mail: geol@rice.edu
Phone: (713) 348-6330
Office: 315 Keith-Wiess Geology Labs
Web Address:

Research Statement


My research interests are focused on the mechanics and deformation of the Earth's shallow crust. I am interested in deformational processes at convergent margins, relating to sediment accretion and plate boundary seismogenesis. I also study the unique tectonics of oceanic volcanic islands, where magmatic and gravitational forces cause large scale flank collapse and associated hazards. The formation and evolution of fault gouge influences the frictional behavior and mechanical strength of natural and experimental faults. My field studies are coupled with particle based numerical simulations to explore the mechanics of natural systems in the brittle-frictional regime.


Interpretation of 3D seismic reflection data; kinematic and mechanics of prism deformation; in-situ stress state; DEM simulations of accretionary wedge deformation.

** GIANT LANDSLIDES IN HAWAII (w/ G. Moore, D. Clague, and others)

Interpretation of marine seismic reflection data; evolution, structure, and stratigraphy of Kilauea's south flank; offshore structure and stratigraphy of S. Kona landslide, Mauna Loa.

** SEISMIC TOMOGRAPHY OF HAWAII (w/ C. Zelt, P. Okubo, J. Park)

Onshore-offshore 3-D tomographic modeling of the Island of Hawaii; gravity modeling to constrain volcano stress fields.


Structure of Olympus Mons Volcano; interpretation of slope morphology; slope stability, and landslide emplacement.


Particle dynamics simulations of volcanic growth, deformation, and spreading; applications to terrestrial and Martian volcanoes.


Particle dynamics simulations of extensional and contractional deformation and structural evolution along continental margins and similar settings.


Simulations of gouge formation and deformation; granular friction and localization; calibration of numerical simulations with laboratory data; evaluation of micromechanical factors influencing fault strength and frictional behavior.


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Professional Experience

Rice University, Earth Science, Associate Professor. (2006 - present). (Houston, TX)

Rice University, Earth Science, Assistant Professor. (1999 - 2006). (Houston, TX)

University of Hawaii, Geology and Geophysics, Assistant Researcher. (1996 - 1999). (Honolulu, HI)

University of Washington, Geological Sciences, Postdoctoral Research Associate. (1994 - 1996). (Seattle, WA)

Cornell University, Geological Sciences, Postdoctoral Associate. (1993 - 1994). (Ithaca, NY)

Harvard University, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Visiting Associate Scholar. (2008 - 2008). (Cambridge, MA)