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Zhenchen Zou
Beineng Zhang



geophysics, seismology, crust and lithosphere

Zuyue Zhang
Fall 2015 - Graduated May 2017
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Wenshan Yu
Fall 2015 - Graduated May 2017
Guangchi Xing
Anna C. van Brummen
Research Summary:

I have done two independent projects. For the first I examined stromatolite growth and distribution to determine paleoclimate of the area and for the second I imaged the depth of the Moho beneath Princeton.

William Symes

Noah Harding Professor (Computational and Applied Mathematics), Professor (Earth Science)


Inverse problems, computational geophysics, software engineering

Research Summary:

computational methods for simulation and inverse problems in geophysics, mathematical and numerical analysis of partial differential equations governing wave propagation, software for simulation and optimization.

Travis Swanson
Room Number: 209
Fall 2016
Ben P. Skrla
Fall 2016 - Graduated May 2017

geology, geoscience, energy, oil, gas, business, graduate, masters

Angela N. Seligman

Stable Isotope Lab Manager

Room Number: 330B
(713) 348-4054
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isotope geochemistry, mass spectrometry, volcanology, paleoclimatology, analytical technique and method development, aqueous geochemistry

Elli Ronay
Research Summary:

Geochemical characterization of ash beds in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation with interest in dissolved ash serving as a biological nutrient.

Julia Ribeiro
End Date: 1 March 2017 Research Summary:

My research combines radiogenic isotope and trace element geochemistry, volatile and sulfur isotope analyses in mineral-hosted melt inclusions, petrology, field work (i.e., marine expeditions) and simple geodynamic equations to investigate the geochemical cycles of the deep Earth. In particular, I examine the deep cycles of sulfur and water to investigate whether or not volatiles are lost during subduction or fluxed back from the mantle to the surface through magmatism and degassing. My research also focusses on the petrogenesis of subduction zone magmas, the composition of the fluids released during subduction processes and mantle heterogeneities.

Victor Remishevsky
Fatma Rekik
Fall 2017
Xiaojiao Pang
Immaculada Palomeras Torres
Left Rice in Summer 2015 for Spain
Emily Paine
Rebecca Minzoni
daniel minisini


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communication, outreach, k-12, journalism, energy, resources, oil, gas, sedimentology, stratigraphy, marine geology, basin infill, jurassic, cretaceous, quaternary, outcrop, experiments, seismic, geomorphology, interview, geologists, minigeology, mindset

Research Summary:

I seek energy resources. I integrate sedimentology-geochemistry-paleoecology-stratigraphy to understand basin infill histories using cores, outcrops, logs, seismic data, as well as... personal communications.

Joseph McGlone
Yuan Li
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Geochemistry of Volatiles C-N-S-H & Chalcophile-Siderophile Elements; Planetary Magma Oceans; Geofluids; Ore Deposits

Shuning Li

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Room Number: 318
Cin-Ty Lee
Larisa LaMere
(832) 941-2181
Eric Kiser
Brian Jordan
Patricia G. Jordan

Bonnie L L. Hoffman

Senior Technology Support Specialist
Clinton R. Heider

Linux /Unix Systems Administrator

Room Number: 309 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-5639
James Harris
Anna Ruth Halberstadt
Room Number: 230A
(919) 810-6946


Antarctica, sedimentology, glacial dynamics, geomorphology

Elizabeth Finley
Meron Fessahaie

Ziqian Fan
Fall 2015 - Graduated May 2017

Energy Industry, Oil & Gas, Finance, Energy Consulting

Research Summary:

Highly motivated students with direct analytical and results-driven experience in industry and academy. Seeking professional development opportunities to leverage and to improve my skills in energy consulting and industry analysis.

Megan Duncan
Adeene Denton

Former President of Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society (RUGS)
Current Co-Vice President of RUGS

(210) 834-7472
Research Summary:

Field and structural geology + numerical modeling applied to terrestrial and planetary science questions

Steve Danbom
Joshua Crozier
Kelsey Crocker
Jianxiong Chen
Min Chen

Research Scientist

Room Number: 318
(713) 348-2515


Geophysics, full waveform tomography, ambient noise, earthquakes, tectonics, lithospheric structure, mantle melt

Research Summary:

Seismic tomography of the crust and the upper mantle. Interpretations of seismic images regarding the formation of tectonic units such as plateaus, basins, and orogens.

Wenrong Cao


Magmatism-tectonism-climate interaction, evolutions of continents

Research Summary:

I am interested in the structures and evolutions of continental arcs and how the geological processes (e.g. magmatism, tectonism, erosion) contribute to the formation of continents and their impacts on global climate.

Svetlana Burris
Rachel Buissereth
Lin Boynton

Research Assistant
Research Summary:

Using synthetic biology to develop a microbial biosensor for use in soil systems.

Austin Blaser
Graduated August 2016

volcanism, Hawaii, two-phase flow, bubbles, solubility, numerical modeling, deformation

Research Summary:

My thesis focused on how magma is transported from depth to the surface at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. A great natural laboratory for this is Hawaii, where a long-lived eruption is ongoing (1983-present).

Hans Ave Lallemant

Emeritus Professor

(713) 348-4889


structural geology

Research Summary:

Hans is a structural geologist interested in how the crust deforms during mountain building and along transform margins.

Farah Ashraf