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Farah Ashraf
Austin Blaser


volcanism, Hawaii, two-phase flow, bubbles, solubility, numerical modeling, deformation

Research Summary:

I'm interested in how magma is transported from depth to the surface. A great natural laboratory for this is Hawaii, where a long-lived eruption is ongoing (1983-present).

Rachel Buissereth
Svetlana Burris
Wenrong Cao


Magmatism-tectonism-climate interaction, evolutions of continents

Research Summary:

I am interested in the structures and evolutions of continental arcs and how the geological processes (e.g. magmatism, tectonism, erosion) contribute to the formation of continents and their impacts on global climate.

Jianxiong Chen
Kelsey Crocker
Joshua Crozier
Steve Danbom
Adeene Denton

Former President of Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society (RUGS)
Current Co-Vice President of RUGS

(210) 834-7472
Research Summary:

Field and structural geology + numerical modeling applied to terrestrial and planetary science questions

Megan Duncan
Graham Eldridge
Meron Fessahaie

Elizabeth Finley
Anna Ruth Halberstadt
Room Number: 230A
(919) 810-6946


Antarctica, sedimentology, glacial dynamics, geomorphology

James Harris
Bonnie L L. Hoffman

Senior Technology Support Specialist
Sarah Huff
Brian Jordan
Eric Kiser
Larisa LaMere
(832) 941-2181
Cin-Ty Lee
Yuan Li
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Geochemistry of Volatiles C-N-S-H & Chalcophile-Siderophile Elements; Planetary Magma Oceans; Geofluids; Ore Deposits

Shuning Li

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Room Number: 318
Joseph McGlone
Rebecca Minzoni
Gallagher Morgan
Chinh Nguyen
Emily Paine
Immaculada Palomeras Torres
Left Rice in Summer 2015 for Spain
Xiaojiao Pang
Jeffrey Piccirillo
Research Summary:

I'm a fourth year undergraduate pursuing a BS in Earth Science, and a minor in Computational and Applied Math. My interests include the applications of information mapping and geospatial visualization to earth science.

Mani Pirouzbakht
Julia Ribeiro
End Date: 1 March 2017 Research Summary:

My research combines radiogenic isotope and trace element geochemistry, volatile and sulfur isotope analyses in mineral-hosted melt inclusions, petrology, field work (i.e., marine expeditions) and simple geodynamic equations to investigate the geochemical cycles of the deep Earth. In particular, I examine the deep cycles of sulfur and water to investigate whether or not volatiles are lost during subduction or fluxed back from the mantle to the surface through magmatism and degassing. My research also focusses on the petrogenesis of subduction zone magmas, the composition of the fluids released during subduction processes and mantle heterogeneities.

Elli Ronay
Research Summary:

Geochemical characterization of ash beds in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation with interest in dissolved ash serving as a biological nutrient.

Lily Seidman

A New Pacific Plate Paleomagnetic Pole from Skewness Analysis of Marine Magnetic Anomaly 26r (60.2 Ma):
Evidence that the Emperor Chain Records Motion of the Pacific Plate Relative to the Deep Mantle
Eytan Sharton-Bierig
Mari Anna Tesi Sanjurjo
Anna C. van Brummen
Research Summary:

I have done two independent projects. For the first I examined stromatolite growth and distribution to determine paleoclimate of the area and for the second I imaged the depth of the Moho beneath Princeton.

Matt B. Weller
Guangchi Xing
Admin Z
Beineng Zhang



geophysics, seismology, crust and lithosphere

Zhenchen Zou