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Farah Ashraf
Austin Blaser


volcanism, Hawaii, two-phase flow, bubbles, solubility, numerical modeling, deformation

Research Summary:

I'm interested in how magma is transported from depth to the surface. A great natural laboratory for this is Hawaii, where a long-lived eruption is ongoing (1983-present).

Rachel Buissereth
Jianxiong Chen
Kelsey Crocker
Joshua Crozier
Steve Danbom
Adeene Denton

Former President of Rice Undergraduate Geosciences Society (RUGS)
Current Co-Vice President of RUGS

(210) 834-7472
Research Summary:

Field and structural geology + numerical modeling applied to terrestrial and planetary science questions

Megan Duncan
Graham Eldridge
Meron Fessahaie

Elizabeth Finley
Anna Ruth Halberstadt
Room Number: 230A
(919) 810-6946


Antarctica, sedimentology, glacial dynamics, geomorphology

James Harris
Bonnie L L. Hoffman

Senior Technology Support Specialist
Sarah Huff
Brian Jordan
Eric Kiser
Larisa LaMere
(832) 941-2181
Cin-Ty Lee
Yuan Li
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Geochemistry of Volatiles C-N-S-H & Chalcophile-Siderophile Elements; Planetary Magma Oceans; Geofluids; Ore Deposits

Shuning Li

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Room Number: 318
Joseph McGlone
Rebecca Minzoni
Gallagher Morgan
Chinh Nguyen
Emily Paine
Immaculada Palomeras Torres
Left Rice in Summer 2015 for Spain
Xiaojiao Pang
Jeffrey Piccirillo
Research Summary:

I'm a fourth year undergraduate pursuing a BS in Earth Science, and a minor in Computational and Applied Math. My interests include the applications of information mapping and geospatial visualization to earth science.

Mani Pirouzbakht
Roger Romero

Facilities Manager
Elli Ronay
Research Summary:

Geochemical characterization of ash beds in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation with interest in dissolved ash serving as a biological nutrient.

Lily Seidman

A New Pacific Plate Paleomagnetic Pole from Skewness Analysis of Marine Magnetic Anomaly 26r (60.2 Ma):
Evidence that the Emperor Chain Records Motion of the Pacific Plate Relative to the Deep Mantle
Eytan Sharton-Bierig
Mari Anna Tesi Sanjurjo
Anna C. van Brummen
Research Summary:

I have done two independent projects. For the first I examined stromatolite growth and distribution to determine paleoclimate of the area and for the second I imaged the depth of the Moho beneath Princeton.

Matt B. Weller
Guangchi Xing
Admin Z
Beineng Zhang



geophysics, seismology, crust and lithosphere

Zhenchen Zou