Michael Farner

PhD candidate

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BS Geology, California State University-Fresno (2012)

Awards & Honors

Outstanding graduate teaching award, Rice University (2014)
Student Research Grant, Geological Society of America (2013)
Chevron Fellowship, Rice University (2012-2013)
Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Fresno State University (2012)
Estwing Hammer Award, Fresno State University (2012)
1st place, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – CSU Research Competition (2012)
American Chemical Society Honorable Mention (2012)
Neva W. Hollister Scholarship, Fresno State University (2011)
Downing Science Scholarship, Fresno State University (2010)
Trauger Geology Scholarship, Fresno State University (2010)


petrology, geochemistry, geology, granite, enclaves, magmatic differentiation


Here is a summary of my research interests:
1) The physics and chemistry of forming granitic intrusions.
2) The origin of mafic enclaves and xenoliths in plutons and implications for the evolution of magma chambers.
3) Physical controls on magma intrusion, eruption, and differentiation.
4) Tectonics and geological evolution of western North America.

Selected Publications

Farner, M.J., Lee, C.-T.A., Mikus, M.L. (2015) Constraining the extent of mafic-felsic magma mixing in generating intermediate magmas: insights from geochemical variability in enclave swarms. (in review at G-cubed)

Lee, C.-T.A., Morton, D.M., Farner, M.J., Moitra, P. (2015) Field and model constraints on silicic melt segregation by compaction/hindered settling: the role of water and its effect on latent heat release. Am. Min., v. 100, 1762-1777.

Farner, M.J., Lee, C.-T.A., Putirka, K.D. (2014) Mafic-felsic magma mixing limited by reactive processes: A case study of biotite-rich rinds on mafic enclaves. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., v. 393, p. 49-59.