Pulkit Singh

(713) 269-2568
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Awards & Honors

• Awarded the Baker Hughes Scholarship for academic excellence at Rice University (2015)
• Awarded Chevron Scholarship at Rice University (2015)
• Awarded Junior Research Fellowship by Indian Academy of Science (2011)


Carbonate Sedimentology, Paleoclimate, Diagenesis


I am interested in studies of carbonate sediments as indicators of past environments. I am also interested in carbonate diagenesis and porosity evolution in carbonate reservoirs.

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Selected Publications

Mitali Chandnani, Dev Kumar Gupta, Yashrakshita, Rachana Singh, Pulkit Singh, Sweta Baidya and Virupaxa Banakar(2012), Compositional variation recorded in deep-sea ferromanganese deposits of the Central Indian Ocean, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 103, NO. 5.