Papia Nandi

Biographical Info

Innovative Geophysicist with ten years of experience in every development stage within the upstream energy sector. Possesses the skillset to develop algorithms and find unique solutions to problems. Competent in business and project management with a background in finance, specializing in investments. Conversant in Spanish, German, Bengali and Bulgarian
Core competencies include:
Inversion, Seismic processing for AVO, Rock properties, Velocity Estimation, Seismic Interpretation, Exploration, Appraisal and Overburden Analysis


BS Finance, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 1997
BS Computer Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2002
MS Geophysics, University of Wyoming 2005
PhD Geophysics, Rice University to be conferred 2017

Awards & Honors

Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposia Third Place Poster, Spring 2015 (Rice)
Women & Minority Gradate student fellowship 2003-2005 (UWYO)
National Science Foundation, REU Scholarship recipient, April 2001-June 2002 (UIUC) & June 2001 (SAGE).

At BP:
• Tied lost-circulation well losses to sub-seismic faulting with valued potential savings of $20M in one field alone in reduced non-productive time.
• Leading member of a team that won an international competition among new-hires to design a production & development strategy for a potential new exploration area.
• Recognized on multiple occasions for leadership in diversity and inclusion. Co-lead of BP Pride who worked to implement tax-gross up benefits for LGBT employees, making BP America the first energy company in the US to do so, and changing US marketing strategy to specifically address LGBT audiences.
• Recognized for excellent technical presentation skills, recruited for mentoring others in this capacity, and for excellent writing skills, serving as the first US editor for an internal newsletter in seismic imaging. Helped write BP’s current guidelines for AVO processing, time/depth imaging and velocity estimation.
• The first BP employee to be sponsored as a full-time PhD student at any university.


Velocity analysis, seismic processing, seismic imaging, seismic interpretation

Selected Publications

Nandi-Dimitrova, P. and John T. Etgen. Reverse Time Migration in the Common Offset Domain. Geophysics, in prep.
Nandi-Dimitrova, P., William W. Symes, and U. Albertin. Common Offset Wave-Equation Migration Velocity Analysis. Geophysics, in prep.
Fer, I. Nandi, P., Holbrook, W.S., Schmitt, R. W., and Paramo P. Seismic imaging of a thermohaline staircase in the western tropical North Atlantic. Ocean Science, vol. 7, p 361-389, 2010.
Nandi, P. Lost Circulation and Fractures in Wamsutter, WY. AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, Search and Discovery Article #90071, 2007.
Nandi, P., Holbrook, W.S., Pearse, S., Paramo, P., and Schmitt, R.W. Seismic reflection imaging of water mass boundaries in the Norwegian Sea. Geophys. Res. Lett. Vol 31, no. 23, 2004b.