Zhe Guan

Room Number: 301


Ph.D. in Earth Science (Applied Physics Progrm), Rice University, 08/2013-05/2018 (expected)
B.S. in Applied Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), 07/2013

Awards & Honors

2013 International Scholar Fellowship Award, Rice University
2013 Outstanding Graduate Scholarship, USTC
2012 SAMSUNG Scholarship, USTC
2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Project, USTC
2011 The 7th Competition of Physical Research Experiments of University, 1st Grade
2011 and 2010 Outstanding Student Scholarship


Multi-scale and Multi-phase Seismic imaging, Migration, Wave Propagation, Data Processing

Featured Publication / Poster

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Selected Publications

Zhe Guan and Fenglin Niu, Slowness based CCP stacking technique in suppressing crustal multiples, sumbitted to GJI
Zhe Guan, Huan He, Yong-Jian Han, Chuan-Feng Li, Fernando Galve and Guang-Can Guo, Entangling power of two-qubit gates on mixed states, Physical Review A 89, 012324