Nancy Y. Zhou


Biographical Info

Ms. Zhou graduated from Yangtze University, China with a bachelor’s degree in Resource (Oil & Gas) Prospecting Engineering in July 2015. Upon graduation, she had been a research assistant at the university’s Reservoir Sedimentology Laboratory for two years, where she researched petrology and the physical properties of tight reservoirs in the Ordos Basin. An office-based research internship at CNOOC and a field production internship at Sinopec exposed Nancy to the work flow of oil-gas exploration and production, and nourished her passion for the oil and gas industry. Enrolled in the Professional Master’s Program in Subsurface Geoscience in fall 2015, Nancy focuses on geology to develop her knowledge and technical skills for her future career in the oil and gas industry. Now, Nancy is doing some research on Upper Cambrian microbial reef in Central Texas under the guidance of Dr. Andre Droxler and his graduate students.


Yangtze University Resource Prospecting Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 2011-2015

Rice University Subsurface Geoscience Professional Master of Science 2015-2017

Awards & Honors

July 2015 Outstanding Graduate, Yangtze University
April 2016 Chevron Scholarship for PSM students


Sedimentology, Geologic Mapping, Seismic Interpretation, Well Log Interpretation, Oil & Gas, Unconventional Reservoirs

Selected Publications

Trace Element Characteristics and Sedimentary Environmental Significance of the Lower Ordovician Contourites in Northern Hunan, China,2nd Deep-Water Circulation Congress - 'The Contourite Log-book', Poster Presentation, Ghent, Belgium, September 2014