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Staff Victor Remishevsky

Postdoctoral Fellow Julia Ribeiro

Research Summary:

My research combines radiogenic isotope and trace element geochemistry, volatile and sulfur isotope analyses in mineral-hosted melt inclusions, petrology, field work (i.e., marine expeditions) and simple geodynamic equations to investigate the geochemical cycles of the deep Earth. In particular, I examine the deep cycles of sulfur and water to investigate whether or not volatiles are lost during subduction or fluxed back from the mantle to the surface through magmatism and degassing. My research also focusses on the petrogenesis of subduction zone magmas, the composition of the fluids released during subduction processes and mantle heterogeneities.

Undergraduate Student Jackie S. Rios

Professional Master Student Sean Romito
Spring 2016
Past Elli Ronay

Research Summary:

Geochemical characterization of ash beds in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation with interest in dissolved ash serving as a biological nutrient.

Adjunct Malcolm I. Ross

Adjunct Kurt Rudolph
Room Number: 218
Spring 2017
PhD Student Sriparna Saha
Room Number: 213


Experimental petrology ; Igneous processes ; Continental lithospheric mantle

Research Summary:

Metasomatic processes in the continental lithospheric mantle and their role in physical and chemical properties beneath continents

Faculty Dale S. Sawyer


Room Number: KWG 313
(713) 348-5106
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marine geophysics, tectonophysics

Research Summary:

Dale is a tectonophysicist that brings together active source seismology, geodynamic modeling, and remote-sensing to investigate the structure and evolution of the crust and sedimentary basins.

PhD Student Cemile Nur Schuba
Room Number: 305


Seismic data interpretation, attribute analysis, structural geology, seismic reflection data processing, hyper-extension

Research Summary:

I currently focus on the Galicia-Newfoundland conjugate margins and how the extension factor (β) is related to narrow and wide rifting modes, and oceanic core complexes.

Adjunct Erik Scott
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Seismic Interpretation, Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology

PhD Student Johnny D. Seales

Research Summary:

Coupled surface/interior processes of planets within and external to our solar system. Numerical and physical modeling of convective processes -- planetary to magma chamber scale -- occurring in planetary bodies.

Past Lily Seidman

A New Pacific Plate Paleomagnetic Pole from Skewness Analysis of Marine Magnetic Anomaly 26r (60.2 Ma):
Evidence that the Emperor Chain Records Motion of the Pacific Plate Relative to the Deep Mantle

Research Scientist Angela N. Seligman

Stable Isotope Lab Manager

Room Number: 330B
(713) 348-4054
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isotope geochemistry, mass spectrometry, volcanology, paleoclimatology, analytical technique and method development, aqueous geochemistry

PhD Student Alana G. Semple
Room Number: KWG 211
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geophysics, modeling

Research Summary:

Geophysics, Mantle dynamics

Past Eytan Sharton-Bierig

PhD Student Jia Shi
Room Number: DH 3133


seismology, geophysics

Research Summary:

I am developing new parallel computational algorithms for full-waveform inversion and normal modes problems.

Adjunct Stephanie Shipp

Postdoctoral Fellow Lauren M. Simkins

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Room Number: KWGL 209
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Glacial geology, marine geology, sedimentology, coastal geology, sea level, paleoclimate

Professional Master Student Pulkit Singh
(713) 269-2568
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Spring 2015

Carbonate Sedimentology, Paleoclimate, Diagenesis

Research Summary:

My research is based on Understanding the demise of upper Cambrian large microbial reefs in Mason County, Texas. I am focusing on interbuild up sediments from the last stages of microbial growth. The idea is to reconstruct the paleoenvironmental history of microbial growth using geochemical techniques (carbonate content variation, clay mineralogy) and thin section studies. I am also working on understanding the origin of stylonodular limestones, a product of burial diagenesis using thin section studies.

Professional Master Student Ben P. Skrla
Fall 2016

geology, geoscience, energy, oil, gas, business, graduate, masters

PhD Student Loredana Suciu


pyrogenic organic carbon, atmospheric chemistry, biosphere-atmosphere-climate interactions

Adjunct Lori L. Summa
(713) 505-5649

Adjunct John Sumner

Thesis Masters Student Yen Sun
Room Number: 320