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Mars geologist available to comment on NASA’s Curiosity rover findings

David Ruth 713-348-6327 david@rice.edu http://news.rice.edu/2018/06/05/mars-geologist-available-to-comment-on-nasas-curiosity-rover-findings/ HOUSTON – (June 5, 2018) – Rice University planetary science expert Kirsten Siebach is available through June 7, when NASA will announce new findings from its Mars Curiosity rover. Photo courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS According to a media advisory, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are inviting the media and […]

Europium points to new suspect in continental mystery

Europium points to new suspect in continental mystery Study: Rare earth element implicates garnet for continents’ missing iron HOUSTON — (May 16, 2018) — Clues from some unusual Arizona rocks pointed Rice University scientists toward a discovery — a subtle chemical signature in rocks the world over — that could answer a long-standing mystery: What […]

Rice, UH team preps for massive Antarctic glacier study

JADE BOYD – APRIL 30, 2018 Offshore research team to aid in historic study of threatened Thwaites Glacier A team of scientists from Rice University, the University of Houston, the University of Alabama and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory will participate in an ambitious $25 million study aimed at determining how quickly Antarctica’s massive Thwaites Glacier could collapse. The […]

Sub-sea rift spills secrets to seismic probe

MIKE WILLIAMS – APRIL 26, 2018 Rice-led study yields first clues about internal structure of Galicia margin The first study to spring from a Rice University-led 2013 international expedition (click to read the 2013 press release Ocean explorers want to get to the bottom of Galicia) to map the sea floor off the coast of Spain has revealed details […]

Rajdeep Dasgupta receives Duncan Award

Charles Duncan Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement Rajdeep Dasgupta, professor of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, received the Duncan Award,  which is presented by Rice deans upon the recommendation of senior faculty. It honors tenure-track or tenured faculty members who have less than 10 years of experience.

Francis Albarède wins Nemmers Prize

Francis Albarède, Emeritus Professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Wiess visiting professor at Rice in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, is the inaugural  Nemmers Prize winner in Earth Sciences by Northwestern University. “I would never have expected such a huge and humbling distinction. I always thought of myself as […]

Life beyond Earth: No plate tectonics, no problem

Life beyond Earth: No plate tectonics, no problem JADE BOYD – MARCH 28, 2018 Scientists prepare to look in unexpected places for ‘exoplanet biosignatures’ HOUSTON — (March 28, 2018) — Scientists looking for life on distant planets are making plans to search non-Earth-like planets based on discoveries within our solar system that are challenging long-standing ideas […]