Welcome to our collection of theses.  Since the inception of our department in the 1950s, nearly 600 PhD and MSc theses have been published, all of which are listed below.  Electronic versions of many of the theses can be found at Rice’s Fondren Library.  In some cases, only hard copies exist. Those can be found in the departments permanent hard copy archives, which can be made available upon request.

Last nameFirst nameYearDegreeTitleAdvisor last nameAdviser first name
HonjoNorio1986M.A.Petrology and Geochemistry of the Magic Reservoir Eruptive Center, Snake River Plain, IdahoLeemanWilliam P.
BarkerSharon1997M.A.Trace Element Geochemistry of Basalts from the Oregon Cascade Range: Implications for Magma Genreation and Possible Variations in the Sub-Arc MantleLeemanWilliam P.
HonjoNorio1990Ph.D.Geology and Stratigraphy of the Mount Bennett Hills, and the Origin of West-Central Snake River Plain RhyolitesLeemanWilliam P.
SmithDiane R.1980M.A.The mineralogy and phase chemistry of silicic tephras erupted from Mount St. Helens Volcano, WashingtonLeemanWilliam P.
WoodfordDarrell1995M.A.Boron Metasomatism in the Alta Stock Contact Aureole, UtahLeemanWilliam P.
SmithDiane1984Ph.D.The Petrology and Geochemistry of High Cascade Volcanics in Southern Washington: Mount St. Helens Volcano and the Indian Heaven Basalt FieldLeemanWilliam P.
WestHoward1988Ph.D.The Origin and Evolution of Lavas from Haleakala Crater, HawaiiLeemanWilliam P.
MoranAnn1993Ph.D.The Effect of Metamorphism on the Trace Element Composition of Subducted Oceanic Crsut and SedimentLeemanWilliam P.
LewisJared2004M.A.Investigation on the Generation of Primitive Basalts in the Southern Washington CascadesLeemanWilliam P.
NormanMarc1987Ph.D.Geology, Geochemistry, and Tectonic Implications of the Salmon Creek Volcanic Sequence, Owyhee Mountains, IdahoLeemanWilliam P.
HuangSaijin2002Ph.D.Subduction Zone Thermal Models: Numerical Modeling and Data AnalysisLeemanWilliam P.
MattyDavid1984Ph.D.Petrology of Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Eastern Snake River Plain, IdahoLeemanWilliam P.
LumClinton1992Ph.D.Major and Trace Element Compositions and Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopic Ratios of Late Cenozoic Mafic Lavas from the Northern Basin and RangeLeemanWilliam P.
PooleAnne1996M.A.Age and Geochemical Constraints on Ridge Subduction for Igneous Rocks of the Eastern Chugach Mountains, AlaskaSissonVirginia B.
SmithChad1996M.A.Metamorphism, Deformation, and Geochronolgy of Cretaceous Blueschists, Villa de Cura Belt, VenezuelaSissonVirginia B.
LongshoreJudith1965M.A.Comparative Morphology of Orthoclase CrystalsDonnellyThomas W.
LidiakEdward1963Ph.D.Petrology of the Andesitic, Spilitic, and Keratophyric Lavas, North-Central Puerto RicoDonnellyThomas W.
CraneDavid1965Ph.D.Geology of the Jocotan and Timushan Quadrangles, Southeastern GuatemalaDonnellyThomas W.
Jarvis, Jr.Harry1964Ph.D.Geology of the Rio Pao - Rio Tiznados Area Cojedes and Guarico, VenezuelaDonnellyThomas W.
ScottRobert1965Ph.D.The Tertiary Geology and Ignimbrite Petrology of the Grant Range, East Central NevadaDonnellyThomas W.
Almy, Jr.Charles1965Ph.D.Parguera Limestone, Upper Cretaceous Mayaguez Group, Southwest Puerto RicoDonnellyThomas W.
BurkartBurke1965Ph.D.Geology of the Esquipulas, Chanmagua and Cerro Montecristo Quadrangles, Southeastern GuatemalaDonnellyThomas W.
ChenJu-Chin1965M.A.Petrofabric Studies of Some Fine-Grained Rocks by Means of X-Ray DiffractionDonnellyThomas W.
LongshoreJohn1965Ph.D.Chemical and Mineralogical Variations in the Virgin Islands Batholith and its Associated Wall RocksDonnellyThomas W.
CrandallGregg1992M.A.Fluvial Influence on High-Frequency Sedimentary Cycle Geometry: The Transition from Strandplain to Deltaic Deposition in the Cretaceous Point Lookout Sandstone, San Juan Basin, ColoradoDunbarRobyn Wright
JohnsonEdward1971Ph.D.Geology of a Part of the Southeastern Side of the Cottonwood Mountains, Death Valley, CaliforniaBurchfielRobert R.
SelfRobert1971Ph.D.Petrology of Holocene Sediments in the Rio Nautla Drainage Basin and the Adjacent Beaches, Veracruz, MexicoLambfordRobert R.
GrafClaus1966M.A.The Late Pleistocene Ingleside Barrier Trend, Texas and LouisianaLambfordRobert R.
MartinEdgar1965M.A.Biostratigraphy of the Upper Pennsylvanian Wayland Shale in McCulloch-Coleman Counties, Central TexasLambfordRobert R.
OlsonHenry1965M.A.Mechanism of Transverse Petroleum MigrationLambfordRobert R.
EvansJ.1966Ph.D.Depositional Environment of a Pennsylvanian Black Shale (Heebner) in Kansas and Adjacent StatesLambfordRobert R.
Ebanks, Jr.William1967Ph.D.Recent Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis, Ambergris Cay, British HondurasLambfordRobert R.
WantlandKenneth1967Ph.D.Recent Benthonic Foraminifera of the British Honduras ShelfLambfordRobert R.
KrawiecWesley1966Ph.D.Recent Sediments of the Louisiana Inner Continental ShelfLambfordRobert R.
WinchesterPaul1971M.A.Geology of the Freeport RocksLambfordRobert R.
Heckelphilip1966Ph.D.Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Depositional Environment of the Tully Limestone (Devonian) in New York State and Adjacent RegionLambfordRobert R.
BuckleyChristopher1971Ph.D.The Structural Position and Stratigraphy of the Palmetto Complex in the Northern Silver Peak Mountains, NevadaBurchfielRobert R.
BoyerPaul1970Ph.D.Actuopaleontology of the Larger Invertebrates of the Coast of LouisianaLambfordRobert R.
GrafClaus1968Ph.D.Quaternary Geology of Northwest Venezuela: Coastal Plains of Falcon and ZuliaLambfordRobert R.
FreelandGeorge1971Ph.D.Carbonate Sediments in a Terrigenous Province: The Reefs of Veracruz, MexicoLambfordRobert R.
BrannBethany1969M.A.Microfossils of the Trinity River Delta, TexasLambfordRobert R.
HickcoxCharles1971Ph.D.The Geology of a Portion of the Pavant Range Allochthon, Millard County, UtahBurchfielRobert R.
StockCarrie1989M.A.Tertiary Geology of the Quebrada Huaricangana Area, East Pisco Basin, Southern Peru: Late Paleogene to Neogene Transgressive Sedimentation Within a Forearc BasinDunbarRobert B.
MartyRichard1989Ph.D.Stratigraphy and Chemical Sedimentology of Cenozoic Biogenic Sediments from the Pisco and Sechura Basins, PeruDunbarRobert B.
MinnisSteffi1986M.A.Stable Isotope Profiles of Herma typic Corals: Indicators of Changing Environmental Conditions in Upwelling and Non-Upwelling Regions of the Eastern Tropical PacificDunbarRobert B.
Miskell-GerhardtKimberlee1989Ph.D.Productivity, Preservation, and Cyclic Sedimentation Within the Mowry Shale Depositional Sequence, Lower Cretaceous, Western Interior SeawayDunbarRobert B.
FrantzErika1993M.A.Sedimentological and Geochemical Study of the Late Eocene to Early Oligocene Yumaque Formation, East Pisco Basin, PeruDunbarRobert B.
LeventerAmy1988Ph.D.Recent Biogenic Sedimentation on the Antarctic Continental MarginDunbarRobert B.
Jones, Jr.William1995M.A.Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Corals from the Gulf of California and Gulf of Panama: Application and Implications for Coral-Based Paleoclimate ReconstructionDunbarRobert B.
KoivistoEmilia2010PHDTests of inter-hotspot motion and of hotspot motion relative to the spin axisGordonRichard G.
KumarRavi2007M.S.Horizontal Thermal Contractional Strain of Oceanic Lithosphere: The Ultimate Limit to the Rigid Plate HypothesisGordonRichard G.
CowlesSara2001M.A.The Present Location of the Nubia-Somailia-Antarctica Triple JunctionGordonRichard G.
ZhengLin2013PhDCurrent absolute plate motion from seismic anisotropy and hotspot tracks; bounds on the latitudinal shift of the Hawaiian hotspot during formation of the Hawaiian island and seamount chainGordonRichard G.
MishraJay2016Ph.D.Tests and Implications of Horizontal Thermal Contraction of Oceanic LithosphereGordonRichard G.
MathewsDavid2015MSThe Absolute Motion of Trenches and Age of Subducting SlabGordonRichard G.
SeidmanLily2016M.S.A New Pacific Plate Paleomagnetic Pole from Skewness Analysis of Marine Magnetic Anomaly 26r (60 Ma): Evidence that the Emperor Chain Records Motion of the Pacific Plate Relative to the Deep MantleGordonRichard G.
MutnuriKartik2006M.S.Diffuse Oceanic Plate Boundaries: Kinematic Observations and Rheological ConstraintsGordonRichard G.
McMillenKenneth1976Ph.D.Ecology, Distribution, and Preservation pf Polycystine Radiolaria in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean SeaCaseyRichard E.
BauerMary1976M.A.Ecology and Distribution of Living Planktonic Foraminifera of the South Texas Outer Continental ShelfCaseyRichard E.
Perez GuzmanAna1983Ph.D.Biostratigraphic and Paleoaenographic Reconstruction of the Late Miocene in Baja California and Tres Marias Islands, MexicoCaseyRichard E.
YauMary1973M.A.Studies of the Recent Foraminifera of the Sunda Shelf and the Java SeaCaseyRichard E.
LeavesleyAnn S.1979M.A.Distribution and Ecology of Shelled Microzooplankton on The South Texas Outter Continental Shelf, 1976 and 1977CaseyRichard E.
NelsonCarl1986Ph.D.Radiolarian Biostratigraphic and Paleoceanographic Studies of Monterrey-Like Rocks of the Humboldt Basin, Northern CaliforniaCaseyRichard E.
DriskillLorinda1986M.A.Phaeodarian Radiolarians as Indicators of Recent and Fossil (Monterrey) Anoxic Events in CaliforniaCaseyRichard E.
WigleyCynthia1982M.A.Radiolaria in the Holocene Sediment of the Gulf of Mexico and the Basins Off Southern California: Assemblage Changes with Water Depth and EutrophismCaseyRichard E.
WigleyCynthia1984Ph.D.A Radiolarian Analysis of the Monterrey Formation: Paleoceanographic Reconstructions of the Neogene California Current SystemCaseyRichard E.
SchafersmanSteven1983Ph.D.Paleobiosystematics of the Artiscinae Lineages (Miocene Radiolaria) and the Implications for Biostratigraphy, Biosystematic Analysis, and the Tempo and Mode of EvolutionCaseyRichard E.
ReynoldsRichard A.1979Ph.D.Neogene radiolarian biostratigraphy and paleoceanography of the Northwest PacificCaseyRichard E.
ClevelandMichael1984M.A.Radiolarian Densities, Diversities, and Taxonomic Composition in Recent Sediment and Plankton of the Southern California Continental Borderland: Relationship to Water Circulation and Depositional EnvironmentsCaseyRichard E.
ReynoldsRichard1978M.A.Cenozoic Cornutellid Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanoghraphy from Deep Sea Drilling Project Core 77B of Leg 9 (Eastern Equatorial Pacific)CaseyRichard E.
CarsonThomas1985M.A.Radiolarian Responses to the 1982-1983 California El Nino and Their ImplicationsCaseyRichard E.
HueniCamille D.1979M.A.Living Benthomic Foraminifera of the South Texas Shelf: Temporal Variations and Associated Ecologic and Paleoecologic ImplicationsCaseyRichard E.
WeinheimerAmy1985M.A.Radiolarian Responses to the 1957-1958 and 1964 El Ninos and 1963 Anti-El Nino and a Search for Similar Events in the Fossil RecordCaseyRichard E.
KunzeFlorence1980Ph.D.Silica Preservation in the OceansCaseyRichard E.
Mussler-SpawJoan1979Ph.D.Vertical Distribution, Ecology and Preservation of Recent Polycystine Radiolaria of The North Atlantic Ocean (Southern Sargasso Sea Region)CaseyRichard E.
Lemaux, IIJames2000M.A.The Motion Between Nubia and Soalia from Magnetic Anomaly and Fracture Zone Crossings Flanking the Southwest Indian RidgeGordonRichard
MuthMichelle2015BScCompositional controls on CO2 solubility in slab-derived rhyolitic meltsDasguptaRajdeep
DuncanMegan2016Ph.D.Carbon in Silicate Melt - Experimental Constraints and Applications for the
Subduction Zone and Magma Ocean Carbon Cycles
MallikAnanya2015PhDExperimental investigation of crust-mantle hybridization in the Earth's shallow upper mantleDasguptaRajdeep
ChiHan2013MSPartitioning of Carbon Between Fe-Ni Alloy Melt and Silicate Melt at Graphite Saturation- Implications for the Budget and Origin of Volatiles in Earth, Mars, and the MoonDasguptaRajdeep
ChiHan2013M.S.Solution and Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Carbon in a Magma Ocean-Implications for the Budget and Origin of Volatiles in Earth, Mars, and the MoonDasguptaRajdeep
KleinAndre2002Ph.D.An Investigation into Sequence Stratigraphic Controversy in the Central Gulf Coastal Plain (Tertiary)VailPeter R.
BowmanScott1994Ph.D.Computer Simulation of StratigraphyVailPeter R.
RossMalcolm1995Ph.D.Separating Tectonic, Eustatic, and Episodic Depositional Processes in the Stratigraphic Record of the Basins of Southeastern and Northwestern Australia (Cretaceous Period)VailPeter R.
SanabriaDiego2001Ph.D.Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation, Colorado Plateau, USAVailPeter R.
GaleazziJose1994M.A.Stratigraphic and Structural Evolution of the Western Malvinas and Southeastern Magallanes Basins, ArgentinaVailPeter R.
VakarcsGabor1997Ph.D.Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cenozoic Pannonian Basin, HungaryVailPeter R.
CroceJuan1995Ph.D.Eastern Venezuela Basin: Sequence Stratigraphy and Structural EvolutionVailPeter R.
SchollenbergerElle2001Ph.D.Seismic Sequemce Stratigraphy of the Lower Congo, Kwanza, and Benguela Basins, Offshore Angola, AfricaVailPeter R.
LongMartin2002M.A.A Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Campanian Miocene Sediments of the Sable Island Area: Offshore Nova Scotia, Eastern CanadaVailPeter R.
MutchAnika2000M.A.A Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of an Oligocene to Miocene Carbonate Platform; Beagle and Northern Dampier Subbasins, AustraliaVailPeter R.
SneiderJohn1994Ph.D.Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle to Upper Jurassic, Viking Graben Area, North SeaVailPeter R.
VyssotskiAlexei2000M.A.A Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Late Jurassic - Turonian in the Context of the Evolution of the West Siberian BasinVailPeter R.
CoterillKatrina1993M.A.Pliocene-Pleistocene Depositional Sequences of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Texas and LouisianaVailPeter R.
NealJohn1994Ph.D.A Stratigraphic Analysis of Paleocene Deposition in Northwest Europe and the Role of Graphic Correlation in Sequence StratigraphyVailPeter R.
RampersadTara1995M.A.Crossline Migration of 3-D Prestack DataTalwaniManik
LodhAmit1995M.A.3D Avo Analysis: A Modeling ApproachTalwaniManik
MileyMonica1999M.A.Converted Modes in Subsalt Seismic ExplorationTalwaniManik
LoughridgeJames1998M.A.Application of Seismic Tools and Techniques to Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) StudiesTalwaniManik
StieglitzTheodore2001Ph.D.A New Approach to Traveltime Selection for Kirchhoff MigrationTalwaniManik
RupertSuzanne1993M.A.Small Venusian CoronaeTalwaniManik
JohnRiju1998M.A.Full Volume A VO Analysis of Seismic Reflection Data After Dip Movement and Prestack ImagingTalwaniManik
LangZhongmin1997M.A.Geophysical Study of Deep-Crustal Structure: Mid-Atlantic Passive Continental MarginTalwaniManik
HestholmStig1999Ph.D.Finite-Difference Seismic Wave Modeling including Surface TopographyTalwaniManik
ZivneyLindsay2010M.S.Discrete simulations of density-driven volcanic deformation: Applications to Martian caldera complexesMorganJulia K.
ZhangJie2014PhDNumerical Modeling of the Formation and Evolution of Basement-Involved Structures in WyomingMorganJulia K.
BorchersDeanna2004M.S.Mauna Loa's Submarine Western Flank: Evidence for Deep Volcanic Spreading and Hydrothermal AlterationMorganJulia K.
ParkJaewoo2008Ph.D.Improved 3-D Models of Seismic Velocity and Density for the Island of Hawaii: Implications for Volcano-tectonicsMorganJulia K.
MaxwellScott2009M.S.Deformation Styles of Allochthonous Salt Sheets during Differential Loading Conditions: Insights from Discrete Element ModelsMorganJulia K.
SunderlandElizabeth2003M.A.Sediment Micorstructures amd Deformation at the Toe of the Nankai Accretionary Prism: Effects of Accretion and Diagenesis, and Evolution of the DecollementMorganJulia K.
GuoYonggui2006Ph.D.Study of Fault Gouge Influences on Mechanical and Frictional Behavior of Granular Shear Zones Using the Distinct Element MethodMorganJulia K.
DeanSarah2015PhDTectonic and gravitational fold and thrust belts: Insights from discrete element simulations and Galicia Bank ocean-ocean-continent transition zone: New seismic reflection constraintsMorganJulia K.
MarzenRachel2015BScModeling Effects of Cohesion on Interactions between Erosion and Exhumation in a Bivergent Origenic WedgeMorganJulia
MoraClaudia1983M.A.The Temperature/Pressure Conditions of Grenville-Age Granulite-Facies Metamorphism of the Oaxacan Complex, Southern MexicoValleyJohn W.
LambWilliam1983M.A.The Fluid Phase in the Granulite Facies: Evidence from the Adirondack Mountains, New YorkValleyJohn W.
BowenCorey1981M.A.Structure and Stratigraphy of the Marietta District, Excelsior Mountains, West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
AnderHolly1984Ph.D.Rotation of Late Cenozoic Extensional Stresses, Yucca Flat Region, Nevada Test Site, NevadaOldowJohn S.
SeidenstickerC.1983M.A.Geochemistry and Regional Correlation of Pre-Tertiary Volcanic Rocks in West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
BartelRichard1994Ph.D.The Lower to Middle (?) Jurassic Dunlap Formation, West-Central Nevada: Deposition in Actively Extending Half-Graben BasinsOldowJohn S.
HandschyJames1988Ph.D.Sedimentology and Structural Geology of the Endicott Mountains Allochthon, Central Brooks Range, AlaskaOldowJohn S.
KohlerGretchen1994M.A.Structural Evolution of Metamorphic Tectonites Beneath the Silver Peak-Lone Mountain Detachment Fault, West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
MeinwaldJavan1982M.A.Extensional Faulting in the Mina Region Study of an Oligocene Basin, West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
ChanLawrence1988Ph.D.Transition from Ductile to Brittle Conditions and Out-of-Sequence Thrusting, Luning-Fencemaker Fold-Thrust Belt, Paradise Range, Western Great BasinOldowJohn S.
SeidenstickerC.1992Ph.D.Structural Development and Kinematic History of Ramp-Footwall Collapse in the Doonerak MultiDuplex, Central Brooks Range, Arctic AlaskaOldowJohn S.
GelberArthur1985M.A.The Structure and Stratigraphy of the Mystery Ridge Formation West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
BrownLauren1986M.A.Structure of the Northern Cedar Mountains, West-Central Nevada: A Study Utilizing Balanced Cross-Sections and Surface DataOldowJohn S.
SatterfieldJoseph1995Ph.D.Mesozoic Geology of the Sand Springs Range, West-Central NevadaOldowJohn S.
DolgoffAbraham1960Ph.D.The Volcanic Geology of the Pahranagat Range and Certain Adjacent Areas, Lincoln County Southeastern NevadaRogersJohn J.W.
GhumaMohamed1975Ph.D.The Geology and Geochemistry of the Ben Ghnema Batholith Tibisti Massif, Southern Libya, L.A.R.RogersJohn J.W.
McKayDavid1964Ph.D.A Chemical Study of Coexisting Metamorphic Muscovite and Biotite from Eastern New York and Western ConnecticutRogersJohn J.W.
McKaySheila1969M.A.A Geochemical Investigation of the PreCambrian Knife Lake Series, Northeastern MinnesotaRogersJohn J.W.
McKayGordon1969M.A.Petrology of the Seven Springs Formation, Davis Mountains, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
McEwenMichael1958M.A.Textural Properties of Some Source Materials of Clastic SedimentsRogersJohn J.W.
McEwenMichael1963Ph.D.Sedimentary Facies of the Trinity River Delta, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
Adams, Jr.Henry1958M.A.A Lithologic Analysis of the Galveston Beach Sand with Special Emphasis on Heavy MineralsRogersJohn J.W.
MatthewsRobley1965Ph.D.Genesis of Recent Lime Mud in Southern British HondurasRogersJohn J.W.
MankerJ.1975Ph.D.Distribution and Concentration of Mercury, Lead, Cobalt, Zinc, and Chromium in Suspended Particulates and Bottom sediments - Upper Florida Keys, Florida bay, and Biscayne BayRogersJohn J.W.
MackeyThomas1971Ph.D.Alteration and Recovery of Some Detrital Opaque Heavy Minerals: Ilmenite and Rutile ResistatesRogersJohn J.W.
StrongCyrus1959M.A.A Textural Study of Beach and River Sediments Along the Texas Gulf CoastRogersJohn J.W.
MuellerPaul1971Ph.D.Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Mafic Rocks of the Southern Beartooth Mountains, Montana and WyomingRogersJohn J.W.
LongshoreJohn1959M.A.Differentiation of a Lamprophyre SillRogersJohn J.W.
MurrayMarc1970Ph.D.Petrology, Structure, and Origin of the San Isadel Batholith, Wet Mountains, ColoradoRogersJohn J.W.
Dawson, Jr.Ross1958M.A.A Study of the Non-Opaque Heavy Minerals in the Lissie SandstoneRogersJohn J.W.
NagyRichard1978Ph.D.Geochemistry of the Raba El Garrah Pluton, EgyptRogersJohn J.W.
LidiakEdward1960M.A.Precambrian Geology of Part of the Little Llano River Valley, Llanoo and San Saba Counties, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
Novitsky-EvansJoyce1974M.A.Petrochemical Study of the Clarno Group: Eocene-Oligocene Continental margin Volcanism of North-Central OregonRogersJohn J.W.
LeemanWilliam1969M.A.Late Cenozoic Basalts from the Basin Range Province, Western United StatesRogersJohn J.W.
BillingsGale1962M.A.A Geochemical Investigation of the Valley Spring Gneiss and Packsaddle Schist, Llano Uplift, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
FailingMartha1968M.A.River and Terrace Complexes of the Texas Gulf CoastRogersJohn J.W.
KrogMarilyn1963M.A.Size Analysis of Fine Material and Related Size-Frequency DistributionsRogersJohn J.W.
KlineMary-Cornelia1960M.A.The Thorium and Uranium Content of the Enchanted Rock BatholithRogersJohn J.W.
PowellWilliam1957M.A.A Petrologic Study of a Portion of the Lower Beaumont ClayRogersJohn J.W.
JohnsonLinda1975M.A.General Chemical Composition of Precambrian Crust in the Llano Uplift, Central TexasRogersJohn J.W.
WilsonPatricia1973M.A.Petrology of the Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks of the Basal Clarno formation, Central OregonRogersJohn J.W.
FessendenFranklin1958M.A.A Lithologic Investigation of the Manlius and Coeymans LimestonesRogersJohn J.W.
JaramilloJose1976M.A.Volcanic Rocks of the Rio Cauca Valley, Colombia, S.A.RogersJohn J.W.
WhitfieldJohn1958Ph.D.The Relationship Between the Petrology and the Thorium and Uranium Contents of Some Granite RocksRogersJohn J.W.
RenardVincent1967Ph.D.Virgin Bank: Correlation of Magnetism and Gravity with GeologyRogersJohn J.W.
RiceRaymond1966M.A.A Study of the Suspended Load of the Trinity River, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
High, Jr.Lee1966Ph.D.Recent Coastal Sediments of British HondurasRogersJohn J.W.
ChenJu-Chin1967Ph.D.Petrological and Chemical Studies of Utuado Pluton, Puerto RicoRogersJohn J.W.
HeadWilliam1959M.A.A Study of the Relationships Between Porosity and Certain Size Parameters of Uncemented Natural SandsRogersJohn J.W.
TalukdarSuhas1972Ph.D.Implications of Petrological Study of Paleozoic-Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks of Mineral County, NevadaRogersJohn J.W.
HarrissRobert1964M.A.The Transfer of Strontium, Iron, and Magnesium from Sea Water to Skeletal Carbonate MaterialRogersJohn J.W.
WangKung1967M.A.Statistical Study of Suspension Load of the Trinity RiverRogersJohn J.W.
SchubertCarlos1963M.A.Grain Size Distributions of Various Materials in an Abrasion MillRogersJohn J.W.
ScottMartha1966Ph.D.Distribution of Clay Minerals of the British Honduras ShelfRogersJohn J.W.
CookBeverly1970Ph.D.Petrochemistry of the Buck Hill Volcanic Series, Cathedral Mountain Quadrangle, Brewster County, TexasRogersJohn J.W.
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GibbonDonald1964Ph.D.The Origin and Development of the Star Mountain RhyoliteRogersJohn J.W.
ShariefFarooq1974M.A.Depositional Environment and Regional Significance of the Sakaka Sandstone, Northwestern Saudi ArabiaRogersJohn J.W.
ZhuJun1995Ph.D.Petrogenesis of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks from the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field, Northeastern New Mexico and Southeastern ColoradoStormerJohn Ìà.
WebberKaren1988Ph.D.The Mammoth Mountain and Wason Park Tuffs: Magmatic Evolution in the Central San Juan Volcanic Field, Southwestern ColoradoStormerJohn Ìà.
TackerRobert1992Ph.D.Thermodynamics of Mixing in the System Whitlockite-Fluorite-Portlandite-Hydrophyllite and the Applications to Silicic MagmatismStormerJohn Ìà.
McHuronEric1976Ph.D.Biology and Paleobiology of Modern Invertebrate BorersWarmeJohn E.
McCreveyJohn1974M.A.Fossil Traces of the Whitestone Limestone and Associated Strata of the Walnut Formation, Lower Cretaceous, South-Central TexasWarmeJohn E.
UrishCarol1976M.A.Microfloral Borers in Recent Caribbean Scleratinian CoralsWarmeJohn E.
MayJeffrey1982Ph.D.Basin-Margin Sedimentation Eocene La Jolla Group, San Diego County, CaliforniaWarmeJohn E.
Sanchez BarredaLuis1976M.A.Sedimentology of Laguna Potosi and Environs, State of Guerrero, MexicoWarmeJohn E.
EkdaleAllan1972M.A.Ecology and Paleoecology of Marine Invertebrate Communities in Calcareous Substrates, Northeast Quintana Roo, MexicoWarmeJohn E.
Van WagonerJohn1975M.A.Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Lower Middle Pennsylvanian Deep-Water Sediments, Fort Worth basin, Central TexasWarmeJohn E.
McMillenKenneth1975M.A.Quaternary Deep-Sea Lebensspuren and Their Relationship to Depositional Environments in the Caribbean Sea, The Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern and Central North Pacific OceanWarmeJohn E.
YeoRoss1981Ph.D.The Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous Sediments of Southwestern California and Baja California, MexicoWarmeJohn E.
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BoyerJannette1974M.A.Sedimentary Facies and Trace Fossils in the Eocene Delmar Formation and Torrey Sandstone, CaliforniaWarmeJohn E.
BiddleKevin1976M.A.Physical and Biogenic Sedimentary Structures of a Recent Coastal LagoonWarmeJohn E.
EkdaleSusan1974M.A.Recent Foraminiferal Associations from Northeastern Quintana Roo, MexicoWarmeJohn E.
BiddleKevin T.1979Ph.D.Characteristics of Triassic Carbonate Buildups of the Dolomite Alps, Italy: Evidence from the Margin-To-Basin Depositional SystemWarmeJohn E.
StanleyRichard1975M.A.A Shoaling-Upward Carbonate Sequence in the Dogger (Middle Jurassic) of the Central High Atlas of MoroccoWarmeJohn E.
EkdaleAllan1974Ph.D.Geologic History of the Abyssal Benthos: Evidence from Trace Fossils in Deep Sea Drilling Project CoresWarmeJohn E.
Bartek, IIILouis1989Ph.D.Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of McMurdo Sound and the Ross Sea, Antarctica: Implications for Glacial History and Analysis of High Latitude Marginal BasinsAndersonJohn B.
SarzalejoSabrina1993M.A.Late Quaternary Stratigraphic Evolution of East Texas Mid-Outer Shelf and Upper SlopeAndersonJohn B.
FraticelliCarmen2003Ph.D.Linking Climate, Sea Level, and Sedimentary Response on the Texas Shelf and Upper Slope: Examples from the Brazos and Colorado Fluvial-Deltaic SystemsAndersonJohn B.
MattyJane1984M.A.Sediments and Sedimentary Processes in Lake Houston, TexasAndersonJohn B.
SingerJill1987Ph.D.Terrigenous, Biogenic, and Volcaniclastic Sedimentation Patterns of the Bransfield Strait and Bays of the Northern Antarctic Peninsula: Implications for Quaternary Glacial HistoryAndersonJohn B.
HeroyDavid2006Ph.D.The Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet Since the Last Glacial MaximumAndersonJohn B.
HerronMargaret1987M.A.Marine Geology and Geophysics of the Western South Orkney Plateau, Antarctica: Implications for Quaternary Glacial History, Tectonics, and PaleoceanographyAndersonJohn B.
TahaZaid2006Ph.D.Fluvial Response to Base Level Change: A Case Study of the Brazos River, East Texas, U.S.A.AndersonJohn B.
WatkinsElizabeth1987M.A.Vertical Grain Size Progressions as an Aid in Interpreting the Depositional Environments of the Queen City Formation (Eocene), East TexasAndersonJohn B.
GriffithThomas1988M.A.A Geological and Geophysical Investigation of Sedimentation and Recent Glacial History in the Gerlache Strait Region, Graham Land, AntarcticaAndersonJohn B.
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